Bug/feature fixed!

August 20, 2008

As you might have noticed, we have updated our sand application, and it no longer has the bug/feature of being able to draw “on top of sand”. It wasn’t actually planned to be there, and it didn’t really fit the concept either, so we fixed it.

Some people were quick enough to use their creativity with it in many interesting ways, and thus we definitely want to keep those pieces in the gallery, even if we have a reason to believe that some of them were achieved with a little bit of help from programmable mouse pointer scripts…


8 Responses to “Bug/feature fixed!”

  1. I dont Get it, its not working for me any more! i downloaded the stuff that it said to download, but ti diddnt work.

  2. this is gay / awsome

  3. Киса Says:

    как песок сделать цветным? скажите пожалуйста..я не поняла

  4. Qiufei Smart Says:

    I never could write on the sand and I have been on this website for seven years now

  5. Smartyq Says:

    Still awesome

  6. Abigail Says:

    How Do You Do This!!!!!!!???????

  7. Abigail Says:

    HOW DO YOU DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????
    Please if someone could do this PLEASE show me

    Abigail Emigdio

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