Upload bug fix

January 4, 2009

First of all, huge apologies for everybody trying to upload drawings without luck. We feel really bad for knowing how much time and effort many of you have put into drawing pieces, and then not been able to get them submitted for everyone to see.

We recently discovered that changes in the most recent Adobe Flash Player security model had broken our upload tool. So all of you who have updated to Flash Player 10, have not been able upload their drawings in thisissand.com. The matter has been fixed now, and if you reload (first clear browser cache) thisissand.com, you should be able to upload without problems.

Once again, apologies to everyone, and thank you for all the great feedback and wonderful drawings!


Timo / thisissand.com


29 Responses to “Upload bug fix”

  1. lorrie Says:

    oh thank you, i had totally forgotten this happened to me and my son a while ago and i never followed up on it.

    completely love your site guys!!!

  2. LongPlay Says:

    I just hopefully uploaded my piece. I found the site by accident, did my peice and put mine in the gallery. I figured there were others way beyond mine and after rubbing my eyes a few times I saw a piece similar to mine (Dragons moving mountains) I could not believe that we did the same thing about the same time!!!! Really talk about mind rinding. I guess great minds think alike or we were on the same brain wave today. I really was not sure where mine was going but somehow I guess we tuned inro each other. How cool is that?

  3. акамару Says:


  4. bobtee Says:

    How long should it take to upload a pic?

    • chels Says:

      when your pic is not uploding it will prob. take about 10-15 min. you are prob. thinkng about how i know this well because i showed my couzin and it wouldent work soo we waited like 10-15 min and it uploaded!!! ttyl

      PEACE HOMIES!!!!

  5. Reaperswoman Says:

    This is so cool! And addicting! I love this site. There is something calming and exciting at the same time….
    Loads of fun, have forwarded this site to friends.

  6. MHB Says:

    I was unable to upload. I am using a MAC & Firefox. Help! Thanks.

  7. Sasha Says:

    Ya lublu risovat!!!

  8. Sasha Says:

    I am from Russsia.

  9. pauliicologne Says:

    i love it.
    its pauliicologe

  10. Nastya Says:

    krutoi sait!

  11. Nastya Says:

    классный сайт!

  12. ismael Says:

    Upload bug fix << thisissand.com/blog

  13. carmen Says:

    obra: piramides

  14. aubrey Says:

    do all pieces get put in the gallery or just the best ones?

  15. Seyran Says:

    Hallo diese seite ist coll

  16. Очень хочу поиграть песком

  17. Audrey N Says:

    the problem was NOT fixed because i can’t uplode ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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