Miltos Manetas

January 18, 2009

A big thank you to Miltos Manetas for mentioning us on the Saatchi Gallery website as one of the highlights of 2008:

Two designers and a programmer (Lundberg, Sutela & Koro) made this digital mandala tool which is so close to art that if they will not agree to sell it to the Manetas Collection, I will simply appropriate it and put it up there as my own artwork. “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever” – that is what distinguishes design from an artwork and this website is definitely “a Thing of Beauty”.


2 Responses to “Miltos Manetas”

  1. jenni Says:

    hi this is jenni and im new to this website and i want to say tht this website is awesome i made alots of stuff on thisissand i have seen some another peoples sand there sooooo awesome tht is all i have to say bye

    =) <3333333333333
    p.s. i love this website

    love u

  2. jenni Says:

    plz send me a comment


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