April 19, 2009

Help! by Marco Knock

After the release of the site in May 2008, the gallery on has constantly expanded with sand images refining one after another towards technical and visual totality. We treasure every bit of your output from private love messages to artistic and political statements. However, the hosting costs are up over our ears and the three of us need your help to keep the sandbox online. If you like us, please make a PayPal donation!


16 Responses to “Save!”

  1. Madison Smith Says:

    Im madison Tehehe I love Cody!!

  2. chels Says:

    i totaly agree with you i love this website and we should keep it open!! i love bloging it is my new fav thing to do ttyl


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  4. Gretchen Walter Says:

    Great program!

    I save a picture but it open in

    Is this a bug or are we not doing something correctly?


  5. cilla Says:

    hi how do u get to do your own pictures.
    like uhmm; yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    im 17 and i really limke this website so uhmm if u cn send me bak a email i would be happy thankyou:)

  6. qwerty Says:

    mine wont work 😦
    i love this game

    any help

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  8. Blaze Says:

    Huh. I think i could maybe try but it might not work because my paypal doesnt work. But make new editions to this is sand and see if you can haggle down the hosting prices

  9. Lilly Says:

    How do you upload your artwork on your phone or laptop.

  10. Janie Says:

    awesome but your dumb site wont let me play

  11. oujgbpib Says:

    😦 D: mine aint working waa waa 😥 can someone help me plz? 🙂

  12. alicia Says:

    i think that is amazing you must have had alot of passoints for this it must have taken forever.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  13. alicia Says:

    thats amazing how did you do that.

  14. Snow Says:

    This is very funny!

  15. luke Says:

    can you save the pics you make

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